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As a small business owner, you understand why it’s important to have priorities within your company. You get that without setting goals, you may just be spinning your wheels. However, do you have that same sense of direction for yourself? Do you know where both your strengths AND your weaknesses lie? Do you have a personal development plan for yourself this year?

The answer that I receive more often that not, is NO.

Entrepreneurs typically get so bogged down with the work within their business, they typically have no time left over for the work on their business. This including both the building of process, people and priorities for the company, as well as themselves.

In our time together through our one on one coaching sessions, we work to devise a plan. A plan where both YOU and the company grow. Because one relies wholeheartedly on the other.

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It is said that most problems, are people problems. People are complex. With all the intelligence, evolutionary growth and creativity we possess, we are still at times dysfunctional. Why? Well, the truth is, we, humans seem to be more ‘self-focused’, vs ‘us-focused’. To put it bluntly, we make decisions in communication with our pride, ego and selfishness in mind vs looking at communication from an ‘US’ perspective. Herein lies the problem.

In our sessions together, as we’ve gained clarity on your priorities, we will then begin to discover your communication style. How do you show up in the world? How do you handle conflict? How do you show up to your team, customers and partners?

Once we gain an understanding of your style, we will begin to delve into those you work with. Who are you surrounded by? Who is in your corner? Who are the rocks holding you back from achieving your full potential?

Now that we have the answers, we can create the process to empower you to achieve those goals you’ve been working towards NOW, with a stronger understanding of WHO you are showing up as.

Priorities. People. Process.

Want to grow yourself AND your business?

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