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I don’t take my position as YOUR Coach lightly. The process to become the person I am today, has taken a lifetime. Tears, embarrassments, mistakes, hurt and chaos have all contributed to the woman I am today. I’ve also felt immense love, empowered to be my authentically awesome self, and inspired to always strive for more. I’ve achieved some of the most wildest of dreams, pushing past fears and learning how to fail forward with fierceness.

I am YOU. I am a woman of 2 biological children + 2 step-babies, 1 failed marriage, 6 successful business, 1 failed business and 1 epic love of my life successful relationship. I am confident in my capacity to relate to you, to understand where you are coming from, and my ability to show you there is another way.

This is my dream come true. The feeling that every pain, every moment of doubt, and every sleepless fearful night–was worth it. Worth it, because through all of that, I’ve learned some pretty EPIC life lessons. Lessons that I now get to share with you. I had a mentor tell me a long time ago, “your job in life is to find your purpose, then spend your whole life fulfilling it.’ This, right here. This thing, you and I have — this is my life’s purpose.

I’ve always known this was my path, yet throughout the years I couldn’t bring myself to it. I was too busy trying to prove the world that I could make it! You know that inner hustle to prove everyone who ever said you couldn’t do it, that you could. Yeah, I had that hustle. I spent my 20’s launching start-ups, buying companies and growing consulting businesses. Yet still, through it all, regardless of the successes or failures, it wasn’t fulfilling. I had walked the path of most resistance, when most would have given up I didn’t. All in an effort to prove them wrong. It still wasn’t enough.

My younger years defined that inner hustle. At 5, I lost my father in a tragic gun incident that involved alcohol and anger. My youth was filled with abuse and emotional suppression, my teens fuelled by pure anger were filled with drugs and bad boys. By 16 I was pregnant. scared out of my damn mind and broke.

It was within those defining moments/years that I decided I would somehow be different. I didn’t entirely know how, but I knew I could not repeat the life I just left, nor could I expose my daughter to a world of anger and addictions. I read all the books recommended by mentors, I went to events filled with positive affirmations, and I surrounded myself with better influences. During this process, without noticing, I changed the way I thought about life. I recall two books from my younger years, that re-framed the way I saw myself and my future. Those books were, ‘Choice Theory, by William Glasser’ and ‘The Success Principles’, by Jack Canfield. These books taught me that I alone had the power to be whatever I wanted, regardless of my past. If change was to occur, it started with me. And so, that is where I began.

A lot of failed attempts, many amazing mentors (thank you Anne Marie), and a ‘fake it until you make it’ mantra was the recipe to my success. Many didn’t believe I could do it. (there were days I believed them). By 19, I had my 1st house, a good job and I was just launching my 1st business. I won’t lie to you and tell you that it was a smooth ride, that my thoughts changing created this beautiful blissful life of peace and serenity. I will tell you, that even though life has thrown me down a few more times through the years, whatever I’ve set off to do, and persevered towards – I have achieved!

Today, I live in Hampton, New Brunswick, Canada and love my life. We are a blended family, which that in and of itself has its challenges. My children are 17 and 12, 5 and 6. My spouse, Moe is my rock. The person who pushes me to believe in me, when I sometimes forget my worth. (He’s definitely not paid enough for all that he does). 

My kids are awesome. Their blend of personalities keeps us on our toes daily. We’ve learned how to co-parent together in our home, agreeing on a family plan that works for us and our kids. We’ve taken the right steps to begin to create a safe space for our ex’s to communicate with us in the best interest of the children. Life is good.

Beyond my family, I have other loves in my life. I LOVE dancing. Currently I dance with an adult hip-hop team (What What), and feel like I’m re-living my youth every time we connect. I love a mean Karaoke night ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ is my jam, and learning is my favourite past time. In our home, we have 2x lovely Shih-tzu mixes, Opie and Snipper who bring a ton of entertainment and joy into our world.

In the end, I am not much different from you. I’ve discovered how to push through pain, fear and doubt. I’m determined to fulfil my destiny and live my life with purpose, on purpose.

Now, if the above is not enough to give me the credibility to earn the right to be your coach, let me share with you some of my life’s accomplishments:

  • Entrepreneurial Leadership Program – Wallace McCain Institute / UNB
  • 21 Leaders for the 21st Century –  21 Inc New Brunswick
  • Mental Health Basic First Aid – Mental Health Commission of Canada
  • Natural Health Fundamentals – Alive Academy of Natural Health
  • Advanced Intensive Choice Theory/Reality Therapy – William Glasser Institute
  • Certified Coach Practitioner – Certified Coaches Federation
  • Certified Facilitator – Personality Dimensions ®

I have seen what perseverance looks like. I have stared down at the callousness of this sometimes cruel world, and gave it the middle finger. I have felt alone and depleted. I’ve seen the beauty of what happens when you find your voice. I know the power of having healthy relationships in your power circle. I understand the power of choice, and I am here to show you how to Fear-Less and Fail Forward™. Let me hold you accountable to that EPIC life you want and desire.

xo TA

“The two most important days in your life are the day you were born, and the day you find out why.’ – Mark Twain

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