What I Do


I empower people who feel overwhelmed with life’s pressures, dissatisfied in their personal relationships and struggle with accepting their worth, achieve the Balance Equation™, by helping them define their ‘Priorities, People, and Process. Defining and getting clear on these 3 P’s, they begin to live a life of fear-less manifestation, living in their authentic self.

Working in both Corporate and Community settings, my work is customized to meet the needs of either. With ‘All problems being relational problems’, I work with teams and individuals to teach them better communication tactics and skills to ensure success both professionally and personally.

Business Coaching? Personal Coach? How about LIFE COACH. Whether we begin our work corporately or personally, both will float into the other. You have but one BIG life, and my goal is to empower you with new skills to sort it all out, finding both joy and fulfilment within.

My Philosophy

It begins and ends with YOU. I know that’s some supremely serious ‘Buddha-ism’, right? Yet, you get it. You get that in order to achieve that life you’ve always wanted, ‘you gots to do the work’

You see, life is a myriad of choices. You know exactly what you SHOULD be doing to get where you want to go. Yet, you haven’t done it. because no one is holding you accountable.

My philosophy is simple and let me be frank, it is not original, I picked this up over the years through my own myriad of up and down choices. Success is not carved out for just the rich, a harmonious life is not only for those who have all their ‘shit’ together, and connective relationships are not only for perfect couples. Success, Harmony, and Connectivity is there for each and every one of us.

It takes ACTION. You need to put one foot in front of the other, facing the direction of your wildest and deepest dreams and do the work. The hard work, the work that you know you need to do, but are unmotivated to complete. That’s where I come in. I whip you into shape (mentally and emotionally), pushing you to look deep, move through fears and begin to chart your path of success. Whether you need help understand your core values, learning to be a better communicator with your spouse, or maybe you need to become a better leader, the path is the same. 

My Methods

In order to achieve the Balance Equation™ with your life, you need to get real about the 3 P’s:

  1. Priorities. What do you give priority to each and every day that is pushing you closer to your goals? What are you focusing on that detracts you from these goals?
  2. People. Who is in your corner and better yet, who has you locked in a corner?
  3. Process. What steps have you taken to date? What are you willing to change moving forward?

I work with you to move through this system using a communication process called, Reality Therapy. A therapeutic approach developed by Dr. William Glasser in 1965, that focuses on improving present circumstances through evaluating overall behaviours and choosing new one’s. It is considered a cognitive-behavioural approach, facilitating YOU to become more aware of both your thoughts and your actions.

Success is literally on the other side of focus. So, what are you waiting for?

My Goals

My goal is simple. I want you to gain clarity on what is important in your life, and what is not. You will have a better understanding of the choices you are making and how they are affecting your overall life success. The tools you’ll possess, create stronger pathways in your interpersonal relationships, and a greater sense of joy and fulfilment.

I want YOU to have the power to say YES, where it counts, and NO where it doesn’t.

1:1 Coaching

Gain clarity on your top goals, be held accountable and learn to be authentically YOU. This is an opportunity to facilitate a conversation in a safe and confidential environment where the focus is on YOU. You choose the coaching path we take; be it relationships, business or life in general. I will provide structure, encouragement and support, triggering you to fear-less and play to your key strengths.


As a trained facilitator and workshop presenter, I offer a wide selection of workshops and training for Corporations, Not for Profits, Community Groups as well as groups of like-minded folks just huddling together. With over 8 years experience in facilitation, I bring a unique approach to your event, (the missing puzzle piece). Designed for groups of 6 to 600.


Hire me to speak at your next event or conference and I guarantee to impress. Through sharing of my own experiences and expertise, I bring to your audience a stripped bare, no-holds back, fear-less and fun performance. My talks inspire, motivate and empower others to see the value in finding their authentic voice, pushing through fears, and failing forward with kindness and love in their hearts.

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